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5 Reasons To Implement Vertimax In Your Training Protocols

Vertimax Female Jump

Vertimax Male Jump

Vertimax Cutaway 

1. The Competitive Edge

VertiMax was designed to be the best speed and vertical jump performance trainer in the world - and it delivers! This video will show you some of the top pro athletes in the world training on VertiMax. Vertimax was chosen by these athletes and their trainers because it is the one system that can deliver the Competitive Edge even at the highest levels of competition. Now, over 70% of Division 1 Universities and 1000s of high schools including youth athletes use VertiMax to develop the physical abilities to dominate their competition and stand out in the crowd.

2. Unmatched Vertical Gains

Arm swing velocity accounts for 10 to 13 percent of an athlete’s vertical jump. Vertimax is the only system in the world that can simultaneously train explosive leg power AND arm swing velocity by loading both the legs AND arms while jump training! This unique feature allows athletes to train ALL vital explosive elements of the vertical jump for maximum gains.

3. Maximum Speed Development

VertiMax provides the Greatest Speed Gains because it loads BOTH the Drive (foot ground contact) andSwing (foot airborne) Phases of the running motion! All athletes regularly training the Drive or pushing phase of the running motion (squats, plyos & cone drills), but how often do you dynamically load the foot when it breaks contact with the ground? 99% of athletes never train the muscles that accelerate the leg when it breaks contact with the ground. If you’re one of them, you have a lot of yet untapped speed potential that only Vertimax can develop.

4. Leading Versatility For Sports Specific Training

With the abilities to adjust cord positions relative to the athlete and simultaneously load from one (1) to eight (8) individual points on the body, VertiMax allows you to configure 100's of targeted sports specific drills to elevate your performance. VertiMax allows athletes to "train how you play" more effectively than any other system and thus provides unmatched performance gains in any sport.

5. Advanced Technology For Maximum Power Development

VertiMax uses revolutionary engineering designs and patented components in our platform that allows advanced plyometric and sports specific loading. Athletes can easily adjust resistance levels on every resistance band to suite their training needs. Additionally, when resistance is set, the VertiMax design applies a non-varying resistance that can track the athlete's movement throughout the complete exercise motion. These features shown in the adjacent video contribute to allowing more effective training producing more speed and power gains.