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Policies for access and use of the Incredible Athlete Fitness Centre

  • Only appropriate gym/or athletic attire may be worn in the fitness/weight room; no jeans, sandals or other open toed shoes are allowed. 
  • All users must re-rack their weights in the appropriate location. 
  • All bars should be stripped after use and dumbbells returned to the rack in the proper order. 
  • Weights are to be moved from the racks to the bar only. They are never to be set on the floor or leaned against walls, mirrors or equipment. 
  • All machines and equipment must be wiped down after use with the cleaner and towels provided. 
  • All equipment must remain in the fitness/weight room. 
  • All members must share equipment and floor space.
  • The stretching areas must be kept organized - please re-rack medicine balls, stack mats and place stability balls on racks. 
  • Food, gum and liquids other than water are prohibited in the fitness centre. 
  • Bags, backpacks and cell phones are not allowed in the fitness centre.
  • Please use a "spotter" when working with heavy free weights.
  • Do not throw medicine balls.
  • Please use collars on all Olympic bars.
  • Do not slam weights together or drop dumbbells, barbells or plates on the floor.
  • Share equipment and allow others to work in between your sets.
  • Be respectful of all equipment, patrons and staff in these areas.

Disciplinary Actions for behaviour or improper use of Fitness Centre

Disciplinary actions are based on the severity of the Rules of Conduct and Operation violation as appropriate. The discipline may include revoked access with no refund, cleaning duties, repayment of broken or damaged equipment, and/or suspension from the facility/club team.